The Early Career

The new Early Career Section of the AMS Notices features articles by mathematicians  with advice on aspects of the profession for early career people and those who mentor them. You can find the articles that have appeared recently in the current edition of the notices (the theme this issue is preparing for the joint meetings), and view all the prior articles on the AMS website . To let us know you’d like to contribute to the Early Career section, name a colleague to be invited to contribute, or suggest a topic we might address, please visit fill out our short survey.

Introducing the Notices Early Career Section by Angela Gibney

Rob Lazarsfeld’s piece on keeping a mathematical journal, in time for new year’s resolutions.

Read the February EC articles about Research:

On Choosing A Thesis Advisor by Robert Lipshitz

Moving Ahead in Your Research by Ellen Eischen

Finding New Problems to Work On by Chris Woodward

Writing for Math Reviews by Kelly Jabbusch

Research with Undergrads by Amanda Folsom and Sam Payne

Read the March EC articles on Writing:

Outward Facing Mathematics: A Pitch by Jordan Ellenberg

Preparing Your Results For Publication by Julia Hartmann

The Art of Writing Introductions by John Etnyre

To Write or Not to Write a Book, and When?  by Joe Silverman

Writing, and Reading, Referee reports by Arend Bayer

Read the April EC articles about Math Careers in Business Industry and Government:

Transitioning from academia to industry?  Here is some advice by Carol Fan

BIG Career developments for Math grad students  by Richard Laugesen, Rachel Levy, and Fadil Santosa

Careers at National Laboratories by Emilie Purvine

Careers in financial engineering by Jim Gatheral and Dan Stefanica

From research mathematician to quantitative researcher by Ursula Gritsch and Melissa Yeung

Industrial research in applied statistics by Taylor Arnold

It’s a BIG world by Jesse Johnson

One year in Washington opens up a whole new world of possibility by

Jennifer Pearl

Read the May EC articles on Planning For Summer Break:

Organizing Programs and Workshops at Math Institutes by Brendan Hassett

You Should Organize Conferences and Workshops by Izzet Coskun

Make a Difference This Summer by Melinda Lanius, Claire Merriman and Simone Sisneros-Thiry

Summer Break: Go Explore the Opportunities by Natalie Hobson

Read the Early Career JUNE/JULY issue in the Notices (the theme applying for jobs and applying for funding) or see the articles below:

Cultivating an Online Presence for the Academic Job Market by Holly Krieger

Interested in Applying to a Liberal Arts Institution? Perspectives from Reva Kasman, Julie Rana, and Chad Topaz

by Linda Chen

Applying for Grants: Why and How?
by John Etnyre

Read the August Early Career articles about teaching in the Notices or see them all below:

Why do we teach? by Colin Adams

Thoughts on helping students to feel included by Jessica Sidman

Teaching at a community college by Jasmine Ng

On the job teacher training by Doris Gluck and Herman Gluck

Lessons learned mentoring senior theses by Jennifer Bowen

Inquiry based learning by Hannah Bennett

Read the September EC articles about mentoring online in the AMS Notices, or here:

Developing relationships with experts by Dawei Chen

Adventures in mentoring by Bernd Sturmfels

Mentoring graduate students: Some personal thoughts by Ken Ono

Some Advice for Early-Career Graduate Students by Ken Ribet

Working with high school mathematics competitions and mentoring students by George Berzsenyi

Read the articles from the EC articles on work-life balance in the online version of the AMS Notices, or see them here:

The two body problem by Diane Maclagan

A nonacademic career track and the balance it brings by Kelly B. Yancey

Congratulations! You have tenure! Now what? by Jessica Sidman

Anxiety attacked me but I survived by Ken Millett

Should I quit mathematics? by Francis Su

Read the November EC articles on planning ahead for the joint meetings:

Giving good talks by Satayan L. Devadoss

10 Ancient rules for giving a conference/seminar/research talk in mathematics (A new translation from the original cuneiform stone tablets) by A. Kercheval

Advice for the campus interview by Amanda Folsom and Alex Kontorovich

Tips for the Employment Center by Katelynn D. Kochalski

Embracing the job search by Nicola Tarasca

Getting involved in your MAA section by Pamela Richardson

Press for the Early Career

An article about the new Notices, with mention of the Early Career Section.

Not in the Early Career, but I wish it was:

How early career setbacks can set you up for success (from the New York Times)

Give a better interview over Skype by Mark Huber