I am a faculty member in the math department at the University of Pennsylvania.   I’m working on sheaves of coinvariants and conformal blocks and the development of new methods for their use in studying the geometry of moduli spaces of pointed curves as well as moduli spaces of sheaves on curves.  Lately I’m interested in conformal blocks defined by modules over certain vertex operator algebras (funded by NSF DMS-1902237).   Prior to that my focus was on those defined by integrable modules over affine Lie algebras (funded by NSF DMS-1601909, and 1201268).  In earlier work, I studied aspects of the moduli space of curves using Mori theory and tropical geometry (funded by NSF DMS-050931). 
I am also an editor for the AMS Notices, managing the new Early Career series, with articles written by mathematicians giving advice to graduate students, new PhDs, and those who advise them.  You can find the articles that have appeared recently in the current edition of the AMS Notices, read the older ones in the Early Career Collection, or see them here on my website.



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