Graduate Algebra, II .

We meet on Tuesday and Friday noon-1:20, Hill 425.

Continuing the first semester of Graduate Algebra, taught by Anders Buch in the fall, we’ll follow the book A Graduate Course In Algebra, in preparation, by Brundan and Kleshchev.  Many other sources will be consulted.


We will follow the topics as listed, starting with modules in Chapter 16.    The hope is to cover much of the remainder of the text throughout the semester.



The homework score will account for 25% of your grade. Problems will be assigned regularly (and listed below, as assigned).   There will be two exams, each worth 25% (one midterm and one final).   The remaining 25% will be earned by giving a lecture, either presenting completed homework problems during a problem session, or lecturing on a topic during class.  These problem sets and lectures will take place at various times during the semester.   Problem sessions will be the main source of feedback for the homework, and you are encouraged to attend.   More information on this will be discussed during class.


Lecture (25%): You will give a short lecture, either presenting homework problems, or about some topic we are covering in class.  I’d like to see your lecture notes in advance, and I’m happy to hear a practice lecture if are interested in feedback.

Homework: I will assign homework semi-regularly.  Problems are posted here.

Important dates:

I want you to decide on a topic for your lecture by Tuesday, Feb 6th.  

Midterm (take-home) assigned on February 13 (note earlier date), due February 23. This will consist of an set of problems from the text.

Final exam is a take home exam to be distributed on the last day of class and due on the date of the final exam (specified by administration, tbd).