A History of Math

Lecture: Tue/Thu 1:40-3:00  Hill Center  005 (Busch Campus)

This course will present an overview of the development of mathematics from ancient civilizations to the beginning of the 19th century. We will cover selected topics from the history of mathematics using the text A History of Mathematics, An Introduction, by Victor J. Katz.

Your Grade will consist of three components:

Homework (30%), two exams (40%), and a term paper, each of which is described below.

Homework will be assigned regularly.

There will be two exams, each worth 20%:

  1. The Midterm, covering material in the book up through the end of Chapter 3, section 2, will take place on Thursday, October 5;
  2.  The Final exam, will cover the remaining material lectured upon, and will take place on December 18, 2017 from noon to 3 pm, in a room to be determined.

This class satisfies either of the SAS Writing and Communicating requirements (WCr and WCd).   As part of these requirements, there will be a term paper consisting of at least 4,000 words.     You are expected to select a topic relevant to the class for this paper.   The topic must be submitted for approval to me, by Tuesday October 3rd along with a brief pitch.  The first draft of your paper will be due Tuesday October 24th.  The final draft of your paper is due November 21st.  You can turn your paper or drafts in early, but no late papers will be accepted.

Your paper will be graded on how through it you:

  1. effectively communicate your chosen topic;
  2. analyze and synthesize the information you gather about your topic, from multiple sources; and
  3. evaluate and critically assesses your sources.


Please note:

  1. Cell phones and use of computers or any other devices is not allowed during lecture.
  2. If you have any conflicts, religious or otherwise, with the dates of assignments or exams listed here on the schedule, you have to let me know by Thursday, September 7th.