Community Service

I have been involved in a number of activities, including conference organization and outreach. Below are descriptions of some of the things I am doing, and have recently done.

The Early Career Section of The Notices:

I am an associate editor in charge of the new Early Career Section of the AMS Notices, which will appear for the first time in January 2019.  We will cover aspects of the profession having to do with professional development, with advice to early career people, and those who mentor them.

An article about the new Notices, with mention of the Early Career Section.

Recent local workshop and conference organization:

Recent more global conference organization:

MATHCAMP Happened!

(check out the link for more details)

With Danny Krashen, I have helped to run MathCamp, a program at UGA for high school aged kids.

Here is a description of this year’s activities.


Here is a YouTube video we made after last year’s activities:

Resources for early career math people:

I was a Co-PI on the UGA AGANT RTG grant, and before that a Co-PI on the UGA VIGRE grant, and mainly in that capacity have given a number of professional development talks for postdocs and graduate students.  For example, here are slides or notes, presented to the students:


Women in Math:



  • During Rutgers Day last spring, the Rutgers AWM group sponsored a Woman in Math booth, which together with the other math department activities, and Corrine Yap’s one woman show “Uniform Convergence” drew a large audience.  Here’s a link to some photos of the day.


You may feel isolated as a woman in your department, but you can travel and meet other women in their early career:

  • Go to conferences and summer schools.  Tell your students and postdocs to do this.  Apply for an AWM travel grant.  Tell your students and postdocs to try to get this funding. Read more here.
  • Have more time to do your work: Apply for a dissertation fellowship from the Association of American University Women.

Read more here.


Back in the day….

In graduate school I was a co-organizer at UTAustin of Saturday Morning Math Group (our website back then)